The Padre Pio Photo Gallery

The Padre Pio Photo Gallery

Elia Stelluto, Padre Pio Personal Photographer

Among the factors that make Padre Pio one of the most beloved Saints among Catholics is the many pictures and videos of the Saint himself. He is indeed the Saint of our time, and we are indeed delighted to inform our readers that Elia Stelluto, Padre Pio’s historical photographer, has agreed to grant to the Saint Pio Foundation a full and free license to use selected high resolution, copyrighted images of Padre Pio in gratitude for the great work done by the Saint Pio Foundation to promote the spiritual legacy of Padre Pio.

Now in his 85th year, Elia Stelluto has been recognized by many as the official photographer of Padre Pio. During Padre Pio's life there have been a few professional photographers that were hired by the Friars Minor Capuchin to photograph Padre Pio. Among them were Frederick Abresh, Elia Stelluto's own mentor, and Gaetano Mastrorilli. Elia Stelluto, however, was the only one that Padre Pio personally selected to photograph himself. Considering that Padre Pio disliked being photographed, Elia Stelluto’s selection by Padre Pio was extraordinary. Over the span of 30 years Mr. Stelluto has taken some of the most notable pictures of Padre Pio, and we are very grateful to him because our veneration and memories of Padre Pio have been enhanced by Elia Stelluto’s work.

The Photo Gallery

Low-resolution images of the gallery images appear below for your inspection. Each high-resolution 40x60 inch photograph is mounted on durable hardboard. The entire suite of nine gallery photographs is available for a one-time fee of $1,800 (one thousand eight hundred dollars). The entire collection will become the property of the hosting organization. To request your photo gallery or to learn more, please send your email request to, or call (203) 416-1471.