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    Our legacy The Saint Pio Foundation inaugurated the statue "I Embrace You" and a public square in Pietrelcina’s Piana Romana, dedicated to the “ People of the United States of America”. /i-embrace-you _self
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    Saint Pio of Pietrelcina Saint Pio Foundation Bringing relief from the suffering to those in need, in the name of Saint Pio
    Where does the Saint Pio Foundation operate? Since its inception, the Saint Pio Foundation has worked in partnership with more than 65 between U.S. Archdioceses, Dioceses, and Catholic Charities, bringing hope, spiritual healing, and Padre Pio's teachings to more than one million of faithful.
    Through the Panis Angelicus we provide food products to the families in need during the most important celebrations: Easter, Padre Pio's birthday, and Christmas. /panis-angelicus _self
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