Adelia Award

The “Adelia” takes its name from Adelia Maria McAlpin Pyle, who was one of the closest friends of Padre Pio. Adelia, or “Mary” as she was better known, converted to Catholicism and used her wealth to build a new church, a monastery, and a seminary in Pietrelcina. So close was she to Padre Pio that he entrusted the care of his aging parents to her when they became mortally ill. Today, we present the Adelia as a way of recognizing those who have supported the Saint Pio Foundation by serving on its Board of Trustees, advisory boards, or advisory committees and who have given their time and talents in an exemplary way.

Watch the pictures below to see who has received the Adelia Award:

His Eminence Edwin F. Cardinal O’Brien receiving the Adelia Award on October 4, 2016

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