Saint Pio Award

The Saint Pio Award has been established to recognize the selfless and outstanding contributions by those individuals who have served as extraordinary examples in “providing relief from suffering to those in need.” The presentation of the Saint Pio Award is a climactic moment in the life of the Saint Pio Foundation, and the award itself reflects the importance of those to whom it is given. The Saint Pio Award is accompanied by the presentation of an original oil painting by the renowned Italian painter Oronzo Lupo, which portrays Saint Pio and the recipient of the Saint Pio Award.

Watch the pictures below to see who has received the Saint Pio Award:

Hollywood Actor Joe Mantegna and philanthropist Franco Nuschese
The acclaimed Hollywood Actor Joe Mantegna and philanthropist Franco Nuschese, owner of Cafe Milano, in Washington D.C.

Mr. Joseph M. Mattone Sr., Chairman and CEO The Mattone Group and Judge Daniel F. Caruso, Fairfield Probate District Court, CT

The acclaimed Actor Gary Sinise and Hon. Jim Nicholson, former Secretary for Veteran Affairs and former US Ambassador to the Holy See

Mr. and Mrs. Michael and Carol Fedele, Deacon Jeffrey Trexler, and Bishop Frank Caggiano (special guest)

The acclaimed Actor Joe Mantegna (special guest), Father John Enzler, and Hon. Rick and Karen Santorum

Bishop David O’ Connell (special guest), Executive Chef Celestino Drago, Lannette and Scott Turicchi, and Actor and Singer Robert Davi

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Mr. Antonio La Gioia
Founder & Director of the San Giorgio Italian Art Gallery

M° Oronzo Lupo


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