Pietrelcina, Padre Pio’s hometown, is a well-preserved gem in the south of Italy. Thousands of the faithful and devotees that visit the town each year often mention that you can feel the presence of Saint Pio there. Padre Pio said more than once that Pietrelcina is the “pupil” of his eyes and that one day it will be known even more than San Giovanni Rotondo where he spent the rest of his life before reuniting with God.

The “Padre Pio Monastery” in Pietrelcina owns Padre Pio’s legacy. In order to offer its support to the many thousands that visit the city each year, it began the construction of a Via Crucis near the Chapel of San Francis in Piana Romana where Saint Pio first received the sign of the stigmata. This holy place will be surrounded with a Via Crucis, which will represent the 15 stations of the cross of our Lord Jesus and offer an opportunity to seek Padre Pio’s intercession. As Padre Pio said, “Pietrelcina is very important to me because Jesus was there. Blessed will be those who keep her in their hearts together with their family members!”

The construction of the Via Crucis is well underway. Work costing €110,000 out of the €486,000 total budget has already been completed, but more is yet to be done. You can make a positive contribution to its completion by sponsoring one of the remaining needs listed below or by simply offering a donation to the best of your ability. Thank you for your help.

Via Crucis Project Budget: 486,000
Work Completed: -110,000
Uncompleted Work: €386,000
Breakdown of Remaining Needs:
General Construction: 13,000
Underground Construction: €32,000
Masonry Construction: €35,000
Irrigation System: €9,500
Stone Seats: €24,000
Paving Stone: €165,000
Stations of the Cross Chapels: €49,000
Chapel Via Crucis External: €5,000
Lighting System: €23,000
Rainwater Catchment System: €12,000
Green Interior Area System: €18,500