Cooperation Agreement

  • Start date:
    Friday, December 9, 2016

The City of Pietrelcina, Italy, and the Friars Minor Capuchin of Pietrelcina designate the Saint Pio Foundation as U.S. Representative.

On Monday, December 12, 2016, the Saint Pio Foundation signed an exclusive collaboration agreement with the Italian City of Pietrelcina and the Friars Minor Capuchin of Pietrelcina. This agreement, the first of this kind for the City and the Friars Minor Capuchin, designates the Saint Pio Foundation as the U.S. representative for the City of Pietrelcina and the Friars Minor Capuchin of Pietrelcina with respect to initiatives in the United States that promote the legacy of Padre Pio.
Some of the most important objectives for the participants in the agreement are:

  1. The promotion in their respective countries of the spiritual charism of Saint Pio of Pietrelcina, universally acclaimed as one of the most venerated contemporary saints of the Catholic Church;
  2. The strengthening and consolidation of ties of friendship and cooperation which have developed between their respective administrations and communities;
  3. The promotion of visits of representatives from their respective administrations in order to improve the exchange of information, knowledge, and experience in their respective countries;
  4. The reception of requests for prayer from the American faithful, who will make their needs known to the Saint Pio Foundation, and the offering of those prayers either in the Santa Maria degli Angeli Church or the Chiesetta di Sant`Anna, both in Pietrelcina.

We are honored and delighted to initiate this important partnership and to work harmoniously with the City of Pietrelcina and the Friars Minor Capuchin of Pietrelcina to spread the legacy of Padre Pio in the United States.


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